Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning can be very different from cleaning your windows or other glass surfaces. To ensure that your panels are cleaned safely and effectively and remain operating at peak efficiency, you can trust a professional team like ClearPoint Window Cleaning to take care of it.

If your solar panels are up on your roof, it can make it particularly difficult to clean them effectively. Unless you go up there, you may not even know if they’re getting clean. We don’t think it’s worth the risk! Simply spraying them with a hose is not enough to lift most contaminants, but the good news is our team uses a set of professional tools specially designed to reach all those areas of your solar panels to safely and effectively lift off all the contaminants and rinse them away. Often times we can complete a project without leaving the ground because we have special tools that help us reach up onto your roof to clean your solar panels. Whether it’s dust, pollen, debris from trees, or something else altogether, we will clear it away so that your panels are operating at peak efficiency.

There are several things that can contribute to buildup on your solar panels, including:

Dust & Pollen

If your solar panels are on your roof, these two are generally pretty easy to see from the ground. Often times they are brown and yellow, and leave streaks running down your solar panels, and can accumulate near the bottom. These areas don’t always dry completely, meaning they can attract even more dust and pollen later, leading to a vicious cycle, where eventually your solar panel is covered in dirt. What you’re left with is a solar panel that isn’t able to absorb light in these areas, decreasing your efficiency. Depending on where you live, you may benefit from multiple cleanings per year.

Debris From Trees

If your home is in an area where leaves and other debris from trees can fall and collect on the panels, your efficiency will quickly be reduced. We will gently remove this debris from your solar panels before we clean them.

Normal Rainfall

Believe it or not, rain isn’t just water, and when it falls onto your solar panels and dries, it can often leave spots. These spots get worse over time, and become areas where dust can build up. Over a long period, these areas will start to have a “frosted” look, significantly reducing the efficiency of your solar panel.

Your solar panel’s efficiency will fluctuate naturally throughout the year, depending on season and weather, but if you notice that it is lower than it should be, or if you can tell that your solar panels appear dirty or “frosted,” please give us a call. You can get a free estimate and schedule your solar panel cleaning. We would love to get you back to peak efficiency!

Here are a few of our favorite reviews from around the web. These are gathered from our Google My Business page, Yelp, NextDoor, and others.

Devon and his team have always done a great job on our windows! I highly recommend them for any window cleaning needs. Their pricing is very fair and they can handle large jobs.
Tommy C.
We are incredibly impressed with ClearPoint. Devon contacted us promptly when we expressed interest in getting a quote. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional, and his price was very reasonable. We scheduled quickly and could not be happier with the service we received. He cleaned interior and exterior windows, and they now look like they did when they were brand new! I cannot believe how clean he was able to get the screens and window tracks as well. In fact, we are so happy with the quality of service for the cost that we decided to have ClearPoint clean our windows multiple times per year. Such a great value!
Monica T.
Devon did a great job cleaning our beach house windows. He offered a great price and was very professional! Will definitely be using ClearPoint Window Cleaning in the future!
Laura Medford
Exceptional on every level! Very professional and efficient. Devon does an amazing job and is very easy to communicate with.
Heather P.
Phenomenal job. Was skeptical at first given how many companies we contacted that didn't get back to us. Devon got back to me same day and was eager for the opportunity. Devon showed up on time and gave us a reasonable bid. We then scheduled the service with him. He showed up on time and did the best job. I had forgotten how good 20 year old windows can look when they are cleaned professionally. We will be calling him again. Highly recommend.
Andrew T.
Needed my windows cleaned..This guy Devon was awesome. On time and completely professional.. Took time to walk me through the process and explained everything his services provided... Great price and completely professional.. thanks Devon for my amazingly clean windows.. I recommend this company completely.. couldn't be happier with my experience.
Tonya M.
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